Sunday, March 14, 2010

9.5 Miles Through the Apocalypse

This morning I did my new favorite run: All the way to Teaneck followed by brunch with my family.

The run itself was insane.

First, it was as if I was surveying the aftermath of the apocalypse. A nor'easter blew through the region and downed trees, uprooted fences, blew planters and garbage cans across streets, created massive flooding and "police line - do not cross" tape was everywhere.

I saw two cars in one driveway absolutely pulverized by a tree. One day a family has two cars, the next day: zero.

I ran past a field of shingles on the ground. I looked up. The roof of the house was completely skinned of its shingles. Completely bare!

Then I ran past a church whose steeple looked like it had taken a round from a tank. It was in smithereens and splinters and the blown-out columns were splayed out on the grounds of the building.

Second, the rain. The first 7 miles of the run was drizzle, no biggie. But then the heavens opened up and I got drenched from the tip of my cap to the bottom of my new Asics Gels. There was no dry concrete, earth or asphalt for me to run on and no tree or awning cover whatsoever. Still, I enjoyed it. I seem to thrive on adverse weather. I feel tough and strong and macho and adventurous.

Finally I rolled in to the bagel shop and met up with my family and had a yummy and filling (the run burned approximately 1,200 calories) meal.

Before departing, a friend of my wife's walked in and delivered the news that the night before, two of her neighbors were coming home from shul and were struck and killed by a falling tree. Apparently, one of them had stormed out of the house following an argument. He never made it back for a reconciliation.

My gosh.

Lessons for the day:

1) It is good to be alive, and to live life to its fullest, and to love the one you're with.
2) Mother nature is tougher and stronger and more macho than you.
3) Car insurance, house insurance, and for the love of G-d - and your family! - life insurance!!!


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