Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh the Talks You Can Talk! (My Sheva Brachos Speech for Sara and Daniel)

(Introductory remarks about the importance of communication and thank yous to relevant parties)

T.T.T.O. "Oh the Thinks You Can Think!" by Dr. Seuss.

You can talk about life.
That's what you can do.
You can talk about everything
you both have been through.

You can talk on the couch.
You can talk on a walk.
You can talk over dinner.
Oh, the talks you can talk!

Oh, the talks you can talk
if only you try!
If you try you can talk
till your mouths go so dry.

And you don’t have to stop.
You can talk about slop.
Nonsensical slop
with a cherry on top.

You can talk about me.
Or my wife Naomi.
Or even our Naava
Freddy or Nani.

You can talk about
All in which you take stock
About your life together
Over at The Rock.

Talk about children,
How many you want.
Talk about travels
from here to Vermont.

You can talk about talking,
Instead of to fight.
to make sure you always
sleep soundly at night.

You can talk about work,
and the kids in your care.
You guys are made
for that work, I swear.

Talk! Talk and babble.
Babble and talk.
Talk all you want.
May the words never balk.

You can babble aheen.
You can babble aherr.
You can babble so much.
Till you’re blue over there.

Talk of your wedding.
Man, what a scene
It happened despite
Some gal named Irene

There are so many talks
that you talkers can talk!
When you’re dining out
Or you’re out on a walk.

Talk about things
Both holy and prust.
At the end of the day
All the talking’s a must!

Oh, the talks you can talk!
It’ll take just a minute.
To think of your day
and tell all that was in it.

Talk of hopes, talk of dreams.
Talk of trivial things.
Talk of anything
that to you, happiness brings.

TALK! You can talk
Any talk that you wish.
From a writer you like
To your most favorite dish.

Talk of high, talk of low.
Talk of to, talk of fro.
Talk of stop, talk of go.
It’s about talking, you know.

TALK! Talk a streak.
Till you’re red in the cheeks.
Till you can’t even speak
‘cuz your jaws are so weak.

And life! Talk of life!
As new husband and wife.
So whistle and fife
To avoid any strife.

So listen, you two.
To the words I gave you.
And all will come through
In a gitten shoo.

Mazel tov!

Copyright © 2011 by Martin Bodek


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