Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Thirderly Running Report

Running Goals for 2012:
1) Run 600 miles.
Status: 184 so far, 81 more than I've ever run at this point in the season. I am uninjured and my legs are fresh.
2) 20:30 5k.
Status: Get my crack at it on 5/6 at the Nutley Chamber of Commerce 5k.
3) Sub-1:43:00 1/2 Marathon.
Status: Missed it by 18 seconds at the JRunners unsanctioned half. Next crack: 5/20 at the Superhero 1/2 in Morristown.
4) Sub-4:00 Marathon.
Status: 1st crack: NYC Marathon. 2nd crack: Brooklyn Marathon two weeks after.
5) Ultra.
Status: trying to convince my wife that a) I'm still normal, b) I'll survive the ordeal, and c) I can do it.
6) - overcrowded, too expensive, too distant NYRR races + more small, cheap, local races = less overall races, more overall training miles.
Status: Ooh yeah, and it's refreshing.


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