Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My New Book is Out!

Friends, nobles, countrymen, family, running buddies, hockey guys, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, acquaintances, readers, writers, supporters, well-wishers, dreamers, loyalists and all other people of earth; I have finally published my third book!

After 1.5 months of writing, 2.5 months of rewriting, 2 months of submitting to agents and publishers (and getting some very interesting feedback), 45 minutes of converting the manuscript into book format, 1 week of struggling through attempting to create my own cover art, 2 weeks of working with a professional on said art, 1 week of OCDing over the minutest of details, 15 minutes of
hovering my finger over the mouse button before finally clicking "Buy Proof Now", 5 days of antsiness while waiting for the book to arrive, 15 seconds of jumping for joy when I saw it in my mailbox, and 5 minutes of swooning over how beautiful the final product is, and completely in line with how I envisioned everything, I present to you the fruits of my labor:

Nice cover, eh? Dena Szpilzinger of Dena Graphix rocks!

What's the book about? Well, I'm hoping the partially abstract cover might illuminate what it might be about, and that the small synopsis would indicate what it could be about, and that the 20-page preview I provided should elucidate what it is indeed all about, but if you'd like me to give it to you plainly, I'll describe it as follows:

I shvitzed away at it, I'm proud of it, I think you'll enjoy it, and if you buy it, I'll be eternally grateful for your interest and support.

But don't take my word for it. Here's a great, unsolicited testimonial I received from one of my "beta readers" ( when he was done reading the book:

"Bodie, I finished reading A Conversation on the Way. I enjoyed it immensely, and, if I may add, it is your best book to date-by far. There is immense thought put into it...By the way, you forgot to capitalize "He" when referring to God a few more times. Lol...On a similar note, seashells found on mountain tops would seem to be proof of The Mabel, wouldn't it?...It's cute how I had, and still have, so many of the questions you bring up in the book."

In response to each thought separated by the ellipses:

It's my best book by far, as you can see...I think I've successfully capitalized all the relevant "He"s...not necessarily...grown men should not use the word "cute."

So I hope I've successfully piqued your curiosity. Discounts are available upon request. I thank you again for your interest, support, constructive criticism, guidance, assistance, advice, conversations on the way and love.

-Martin Bodek

While I have your attention:

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