Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scrabble MIni-Tourney Report

Game 1: W 405-271, bingo: UNITIES. Started great. All downhill from there.
Game 2: L 313-554, bingo: DECAYING. Opponent had 4 bingos, 2 of which were phony, but I was too scared to challenge. Grrr.
Game 3: L 343-363, bingo: SAFARIS. Challenged phonies this time, kept it close, lost on penultimate move.
Game 4: L 362-384, bingo: HOSTILER (Phony! Ha! Take that!), kept this close too, got compliments for game play.
Summary: Lots of rust, hard to focus while fasting, realized why I don't play well at tourneys: scared to challenge, must be aggressive. I already have the tight game mastered (and have won awards for it!), I love the type B crowd. I think 3 people checked their smartphones once or twice. I'll be back.


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