Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekend Funhouse

Highlights of my Shabbos in Park East to celebrate my nephew's Bar Mitzvah with my extended family:
1) Shepped huge nachas from the well-prepared and confident Bar Mitzvah boy.
2) Had my sweated-over carefully-drafted speech quite well received (will publish, natch).
3) Got loads of compliments for my slimness (running myself into the ground this year is paying off).
4) Attending a brilliant "Fiddler" production with the entire retinue.
5) My first non-race run through Central Park ever (what took me so long?).
6) This conversation that I had at shalashudous with the man who owns the right arm that operates Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:
Me: Good Shabbos. You either are, or look like, a certain genius named Robert Smigel.
RS: Heh, uhhhh, okay, everything in that sentence is correct except for the genius part.
Me: Well, I beg to differ.
RS: Heh, thank you. Ya know, nobody ever recognizes me, especially not here.
Me: Well, I guess I'm that one in 100 who admire blah blah blah SNL yada yada yada Triumph fawn fawn fawn appreciate comic writing flatter flatter flatter, so I just wanted to say good Shabbos.
RS: Well thank you. What brings you here?
Me: I'm an uncle of the Bar Mitzvah boy.
RS: Very good. I'm here to say Kadish.
Me: Ah, well, the neshama should have an Aliyah!
RS: I know exactly what that means. Thank you very much.
Me: You're welcome. Have a good Shabbos.
RS: For me to poop on!
Just kidding about the last one.
Mazel tov, Daniel!


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