Monday, January 22, 2007

Hadran Aluch Maseches Rosh Hashono

Two Shabbosim ago, I completed the mesechta in honor of a friend who needs a refuah, may it be granted. I will be learning maseches Ta'anis in his honor, and I hope to arrange a proper siyum.

Monday, January 08, 2007

1 Race Down, 8 to Go

To automatically qualify for next year's marathon, the New York Road Runners Club requires its members to run 9 of its scored races during a calendar year. I've done this every year since the policy was instituted. Yesterday, I ran my first race of the year and was joined by my brother-in-law. Both of us were not in any hurry to break PRs so we took it very easy for the 5 miles running side by side all the way. I got competitive when I saw the finish line though, and outpaced him by 9 seconds.

Click here to see my results.

My next race will be Super Bowl Sunday morning. Gotta practice my football tosses.