Monday, March 24, 2008

Peerim Peerim Peerim Loony!

I had a fantastic Purim weekend dotted with memorable events.

Thursday evening, I got to revel in the joy of my camp days where I could fully take advantage of my creative sparks. I participated in my shul's Purim Shpiel by paying homage to this popular viral "Lipa for Geico" ad:

I rewrote the script to reflect some details relevant to my community. My Rebbetzin played cinematographer:

Summary: It was a total rush getting the laughs for the jokes I crafted. I also find it fascinating that some material that you think would bomb go off with aplomb while lines you think are killer drop dead. There's some of each in there. There are also some details upon review that I didn't notice because I was concentrating on my lines. For example, I completely couldn't focus on the mike and its position. Because of that, you'll notice I completely whacked the arm of my straight-man (who wasn't so straight, his delivery was excellent!) when he handed me the mike.

Friday morning, I completed Maseches Nedarim during a lull in Shachris. Perfect symmetry, as it's Mordechai's holiday, I'm Mordechi, and I'm dedicating my masechtes this year to my grandfather Mordechai.

Friday afternoon, it was off to the races to deliver Shalach Manos to each of our intended targets before settling in for the meal before completing the round of Shalach manos deliveries before rushing into Shabbos before finally collapsing into bed after sleeping through davening. My entire family (wife and two kiddies) all dressed up as Danny Zuko. People thought I was Elvis at first, until I pointed out that Elvis didn't go to Rydell High (I checked, he went to Humes). Our Shalach Manos was a series of puns, as we do annually. Here's a pic:
Dja get 'em all?

Shabbos afternoon was a nice, grounded ending to a weekend of welcome silliness. I sponsored Shaloshudous in my shul and completed Maseches Nedarim. My speech was quite simple. I explained why I asked to sponsor and do the siyum...

1. Because of the poetic "Mordechai" triumvirate.
2. To honor the other Mordechai's in attendance (there were two, so it became a quintumvirate?)
3. Since this is the 50th year of my grandfather's passing, and since it's believed that the soul can't raise any higher after 50 years, I'm doing my best to do my part to raise his soul before time expires.

...and why I'm doing it in Yiddish:

1. Because I learn it in Yiddish, since I grew up learning it in Yiddish.
2. My grandfather spoke and learned in Yiddish.
3. In case I don't know what I'm talking about, no one will know the difference (that got a huge laugh).
4. Honest translation. The Gemara ends with discussions of adultery scenarios. Whitewashers may bury straightforward translations under the table in a public forum, so by doing it in Yiddish I could translate honestly and be tzniusdik about it.

So I completed the masechte and hope to finish many more. May this be His will and may Chaim Mordechai Ichel ben Moshe Betzalel's soul have an aliyah.

Motzei Shabbos and Sunday were spent relaxing and recovering from the bustle of the previous days while reveling in my March Madness successes.

Now It's back to work. Only five days till Shabbos...