Friday, April 25, 2008

Erin McKean!

I am a confessed word freak and TED geek. Imagine my delight when on the walking leg of my work commute this morning, the numero uno word freak and TED geek zipped right past me. Erin McKean is her name, but it wasn't at the tip my tongue so I didn't say hi.

Here's her bio on Wikipedia:

Here's her talk at TED:

She was wearing a dress patterned with letters, so I figured she either likes to literally wear her profession on her sleeve or she was headed somewhere for a talk or presentation.

When I got to my PC, I Googled furiously and finally found that she was speaking at Gel, which is basically the east coast version of TED!

Her topic was also fascinating! (last link on bottom):

How 'bout that?

(Here's her summary of last year's "Word-Lovers' Boot Camp:

Problem is, attendance at Gel costs $1,200, and attendance at TED costs $6,000. Why must it cost so much to be inspired?

Anybody want to sponsor me for next year? Either TED or Gel will do. :-)


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Jake said...

very cool chick. Same age as me!


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