Sunday, June 06, 2010

6 Races Down, 4 to Go!

Did the Japan Day 4M in Central Park ( in the hot hot heat.

I started off with a 3 mile pre-race warmup in my new Nike Frees. So far, so good; no blister pain; they push me forward; they feel like socks; they're very interesting.

As for the race: I completed it in 34:43, 8:30 per mile. Splits: 7:47 (busted out of that start line like a mofo and stormed the hill),... 8:17 (uh oh, sun came out and starting roasting and slowing the runners down), 8:47 (no water stop at mile 2? Who they fooling? I need water!), 8:17 (Ah, got water and picked up the pace). My Frees are nice, real nice, I think I solved my blister problem. My plantar still needs work.


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