Sunday, January 09, 2011

1 Race Down (a 5M PR!), 9 to Go

Despite the bone chilling cold that a) rocketed through my Vibrams and threatened to break my toes off, b) forced me to duck in to apartment buildings every few blocks on the way to the park to rewarm my toes, c) relegated me to taking shelter in a portapotty for 25 minutes while I warmed my toes back to life, and despite having to dodge water cups (they would have killed my feet, KILLED them!), horespoop and the salt that Mayor Bloomberg finally put down, and despite overlayering due to the arctic temperatures, I completely annihilated my old 5 mile PR by 1:51, making mincemeat (with the log-rolling technique) of the two hills in my way to finish at 36:28, 7:17 per mile, 9 seconds behind the director of the NYRRC.

I ran over to her and told her that she's my rabbit this year, and I'm going to beat her, and she said, "Whoa! And you did that with all those layers!!!"

The breakdown: Mile 1: 7:33. I told myself that wasn't good enough, so mile 2 was 7:07, mile 3 was 7:12, then I actually dialed back because I'd never run further in my Vibrams and I was NOT going to do anything stupid this early in the season, and I STILL did 7:17 over Cat Hill, then dialed it WAY back and STILL did 7:19. So it's 2 races this year and 2 PRs. 4 mile PR gets dropped on 2/6.