Thursday, August 04, 2011

My New Book is Out!

At long last, after seventeen months and three weeks of writing and editing and shvitzing (My first book - Bush II, Book I - took me eighteen months to complete, so as you can see, I've streamlined the process), my new book is available. Here's my new baby:


What's it about? Well, I spent a year encountering the nose-pickers, nail-clippers, cellphone-yappers, lane cut-offers, people who stand akimbo, child slappers, personal space invaders, stores that have cashiers who can't decipher coupons, customer service idiots, the rude, the people who need BlackBerry helmets, line cutters, escalator mudsticks, teenagers discussing what liquids induce abortion, and I wrote about it.

I ask at a bare minimum that you "like" the book, at a bare medium that you have a look at the preview (I customized it to be the first fifteen pages of the book, to allow you a full and proper feel for its substance, flow and feel), and at a bare maximum, that you actually purchase the book. Give me that chance, I won't disappoint you.

I've now published a book two years in a row. Like Woody Allen, I think I'll put out a full product once a year indefinitely. That's my ambition. I want a pile of my own books that are taller than me (Christopher Hitchens keeps a pile of his 22 books next to his desk for inspiration - that is SO cool!)

So please help me along this writing path of mine. Buy the book, enjoy it, and I promise to do my best to sign it for you. I signed approximately 80% of the Bush books that I sold and I just love doing that, LOVE it! Like Mary Roach (great writer!) has said, I'm a signing fool.

Thank you in advance for your interest.


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