Thursday, April 04, 2019

Vos Iz Neias Tosses a News Grenade, and The Emoji Haggadah Blows Up

Vos Iz Neias is, no joke, the Associated Press of the frum world. No sooner did they put this out, when Baltimore Jewish Life picked it up, followed by several outlets, followed by my phone completely blowing up with 1) congrats 2) social media shares galore, and 3) additional new outlets requesting interviews. This all happened before I could even have a chance to click on the article.

Sandy Faska Eller was there at the beginning, when I self-published, and she's there in the middle, when my creation is blowing up (I'm in the top 1/5th of 1% of Amazon sellers) thanks to my new relationship with KTAV Publishing House. She is exceptional, and proves her mettle here once again.

Here's the bottom line with what I shvitzed over for two years to produce: I want to be at your seder. Will you have me please?:

- Martin(i) Bodek


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