Wednesday, April 03, 2019

You Like? My Book? Gee Thanks, or Interview with the Jewish Week

Steve Lipman of The Jewish Week had a word with me and produced a piece that a) makes me sound much smarter than I am, b) really gets into the bolts of it, and c) captures the history of The Emoji Haggadah quite nicely.

It's also a good read. Please enjoy.

My daughter is quoted as well, so in her honor, and with apologies to Ariana Venti:

You like?
My book?
Gee thanks.
I wrote it.

Your friends?
They like it.
They want it.
They get it.

Love you, babydoll! Thank you, Steve!:

-Martin(i) Bodek

P.S. My first two Amazon reviews are in:

Thank you, Ben and YItz, and in the immortal words of Oliver Twist, please sir, I want some more.

Thank you! 


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