Thursday, December 19, 2019

I Published Another Book! The Festivus Haggadah!

The Festi-what? The hagga-who?

Oh come on now, you know what a haggadah is. I emoji-ed one earlier this year?:

There you go. Now you're remembering. But what about Festivus?

Well come on, you know what that is too. Haven't you seen the Seinfeld 30th anniversary ads all over New York? Took you down memory lane, didn't it?

Well, I smooshed the two together. I'll rip off my own back cover to describe it to you:

"The Festivus Haggadah uses the classic haggadah as its template, and fuses as much of the Seinfeld canon—and particularly, the curious details of the Festivus holiday—as possible into it. It's a tribute, an homage, a comedic fusion, and something you can enjoy around the Festivus or Passover table. Two holidays, for the low price of one."

So be the first to get your copy in time for Festivus, or in time for Passover, or in time for any family holiday meal get together where you know you'll be airing grievances. You're gonna need this as a guide.

Book tour, media blitz, Kindle version, and complete domination of the haggadah field, coming soon. Stay tuned!

Martin Bodek,
AKA The Ba'al Haggadah