Thursday, April 02, 2020

Two Media Scores for The Coronavirus Haggadah

The Coronavirus Haggadah - apparently, slated to be read by lots and lots of people as a form of comic relief at passover seders - is in the Pesach Edition of The Jewish Vues (, pages 80-81, and below)

Its "origin story" appears in this week's The Jewish Week:

As a reminder, here it is for free:

And here it is where the proceeds go to all those in the trenches:  

And yes, I do want to fill up your table with haggadot (, and my master plan is working out exactly as intended. Muahahahahaha!

AND! I have an essay coming out soon on the History of the Haggadah. I guess I've come to know a few things. Stay tuned!

Martin Bodek,

Ba'al HaHaggadot


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