Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mazel Tov! It's a New Knissue!

Always a good day when I launch a new issue of TheKnish. This is the e-mail I sent out to my list today:

Just in time for Ch/H/Qhan(n)uka(h)!

http://www.theknish.com/ <--- G'head! Click!

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Well hey, it takes a long time to give birth to a new Knissue! We tried it without an eppie this time, man it was tough going, but here it is! In accordance with tradition, the issue will be named on the last day of ch/h/q - uch, Festival of Lights. (This could ruin the surprise, but we'll probably go with "28.0", it has a certain ring to it).

http://www.theknish.com/ <--- No really! Click! We really want you to!

In this Knissue, we feature 2 articles by Yours Truly, 2 articles by the cerebral Yonah Wolf and 2 articles by the incomparably hilarious David Friedman (just so there's no ill will, David is also cerebral and Yonah is also incomparably hilarious). We're infighting about whose articles are better. We'll let you decide. Winner gets one angioplasty's worth of latkes and sufganiyot.

A sampling:

1) 60,000 LED Menorahs are Recalled!
2) Ahmadinejad receives the coveted "Yemach Shemo" title!
3) The winner of "America's Next Top Mohel" is announced!

http://www.theknish.com/ <--- Click! Last chance!

So drop by (you know you want to)! Send in your ideas (you know we want them)! Buy some merchandise (you can fulfill your dream of giving your spouse gifts all eight crazy nights)! Ah freilichen Chanukah (that's the spelling I'm familiar with. I'll stick with it)!

Martin Bodek(.com),
Co-founder, TheKnish.com


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