Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Drunk on the Train

I boarded the 2 train after work, found me a seat and whipped out the book I'm currently reading (Sue Grafton's "T is for Trespass"). One stop later a man drunk as a fish stumbles in with a bag and sits down next to me. He opens the bag and whips out piles of condoms. The following conversation ensues:

Drunk: Hey man, want some?
Me: No thank you.
Drunk: Naw dude, here, they're free.

I show him my wedding ring.

Drunk: Oh, cool.

I continue reading.

Drunk: Is it real?
Me: Is what real?
Drunk: Your ring.
Me: Well, it's a real ring.
Drunk: Naw dude, is it real silver?
Me: No, it's adamantium, like Wolverine's claws. (It's platinum, I was trying to deflect a possible mugging).
Drunk: Oh.

And he fell asleep, right there in middle of our conversation. Out. For the rest of my ride.


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