Friday, April 23, 2010

Finished Another Book!

Your Kids are Your Own Fault by Larry Winget - Exactly the book I was looking for when searching for parenting ideas and approaches for my children. Larry is in-your-face, brash, direct, and blunt. He certainly subscribes to the school of Radical Honesty (I don't). I agreed with him on 80% of his po...ints, vehemently agreed with him on 15%, and disagreed with him on 5%. However, he did advise not to dismiss all his advice just because I might disagree with him on some. Know what? That's good advice. Three major points I disagreed on: 1) I don't believe in spanking, ever, no exceptions. 2) "Because I said so" is a not a valid response for me. 3) I think kids need to be treated a bit more gently than he espouses. Also, he recommended the book, "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen..." The book is useless. Larry's book is very, very good. I love his chain of command idea where the parent closest in proximity is in charge.


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