Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Emoji Digest 2, or Only Two Shopping Days Left to Pesach!

As if I'm the only one in your inbox reminding you there are two days left:

Let's see now, what do I have to report?. Ah yes:

6) My wife dreamed up some more clever ads (attached) which we spread around social media.
7) is back, and will be revived in full shortly. For now, I'm warehousing the compendium of the coverage The Emoji Haggadah is getting. It's become quite astonishing:
8) My book is now in 5 US libraries, in 4 states and DC. Having a book in a library is a feeling of permanence that has great meaning for me.


1) The J├╝dische Allgemeine - Germany's last Jewish newspaper - will be featuring the book. Link will be available next week.
2) The Jewish Book council. They're quite high-brow, and are obsessing over grammatical details before release.
3) The New York Times. That's the big one. Bated breath!

If this is my last e-mail before chag, then have a great one, everybody! Thank you for the love and support! There are chunks of possibilities that wouldn't be available to me without your impassioned input, and assistance, and invaluable advice. I'm truly thankful and grateful. I also hope you enjoy your seders and that I have a hand in making it more enjoyable for you and your children, and your children's children, and your parents and grandparents, and heck, just everybody.

-Martin(i) Bodek


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