Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Zaidy's War Launches Today; The Most Important Book I've Ever Written

Friends, for the past several months, I've kept you apprised on the progress of my latest book; I've asked for your opinion; I made a contest to decide the book cover: I shared all relevant news; I incorporated all your feedback into the manuscript.

But the work on the book goes back far beyond mere months. The translation of the original interview with Zaidy alone took 2 years, and the work actually began - with that first interview on a Thursday night - 19 and a half years ago.

All that work brings us to today, the official launch date of my labor of love: Zaidy's War.

My grandfather's story involves serving four armies under wildly unique circumstances, being present for both the largest land invasion in human history and the final battle of WWII, avoiding cannibalism under pain of death, surviving to walk 1,600 miles to his home country of Romania, emigrating to Israel, surviving the pummeling of his new community of Haifa during the Six Day War, finally settling in peace in the U.S. where he served as a chef for 40 years, and finished Shas 14 times while he was doing all that. He passed away 8 years ago at the age of 95.

And here it is:

Have a look.
While you're having a look, "Look Inside."
While you're looking inside, avail yourself to any of the three versions currently available.
While you're availing yourself, please consider reviewing it. That's where the bread meets the butter.

The publisher, Liesbeth Heenk at Amsterdam Publishers, has been extraordinarily professional and supportive. Her aim is to tell all 6 million stories, and I'm proud to contribute this one to the expanding canon. She should be blessed.

Please read this beautiful LinkedIn article on the book, which is hopefully the first of many to come:

I thank you all for your advice, love, interest, readership, and reviewership. I hope the book gives you hope. I hope my grandfather's name will live forever.

Thank you kindly,
Martin Bodek


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