Monday, April 11, 2022

One Haggadah E-mail to Rule Them All

No, that is not a hint for my next haggadah, though I have actually started working on the next one, but I'm not ready to reveal yet what exactly that one is. I'd like to focus love and attention on the one at hand:

I'd like to grab this quick opportunity to wish you a wonderful, sweet Pesach, Passover, Paysasch, Pesich, Easter, or however you choose to pronounce it.

Now is the right time for this because the frenzy of media coverage died down for just a brief spell, and later this week, we'll all be so busy, we might not look at our phones for like, half-hour stretches. At no other time is such a thing possible!

I've never gotten so much media coverage in my life. This is the sum of it thus far, and who knows how many surprises I might get this week:

1) This kicked things off, and was picked up by various outlets and retitled in all sorts of creative ways:
2) The New York Shakespeare group had me on their Instagram Live show. I'm 51:00 in:
3) Long Island Jewish World, Page 23:
6) The Greatest Book Review Ever, according to my publisher:
8) The Jewish Link captured the joy of my process:
10) The Jewish Book Council re-issued my haggadah article, and updated my byline appropriately:
11) All of the above is warehoused here for the time being:

And there's more to come, if you can believe it! It's been a whirlwind, but it's been enjoyable - and that's exactly what I wish you for this upcoming chag/holiday. It's always a frenzy, but families are back together after horrific isolations the past few years, so enjoy every moment to the maximum.

-Martin (Mordechi) Bodek