Sunday, November 11, 2007

Simply Tsfatastic!

A few months ago, I came home from a wedding in Lakewood and raved to my wife about the band that was there. Simply Tsfat was their name and man did they liven up the joint!

I recognized the violinist on the spot.

Rewind a few months:

On our trip to Israel, our tour guide led us through Tsfat. My wife needed use of the facilities and I needed water (Israel's mineral water does not agree with me). Our guide said he had just the place and led us to the house of a friend of his, who had a ladies room for my wife and "reverse osmosis" water for me (the most delicious water I've ever tasted!). Turns out my wife used to babysit for his children!

So at the wedding, I went over to say hi and thank him again for saving a desert-wanderer with his water. He couldn't remember who I was, but he said he was glad I enjoyed the music.

Fast forward a few months:

So my wife hired a babysitter for Saturday night, told me not to make any plans, and we jumped into the car while I played twenty questions about where we were headed. It took me 4 questions to narrow it down.

Boy did I enjoy! They even played my request, Gesher Tzar Me'od. I absolutely love that song. We went over to him pre-show to say hi, and when my wife reminded him about our Israel meeting, it clicked with him, and he remembered me from the wedding.

What an interesting circle of events, or triangle, or heck, a complete rhombazoid. Doesn't matter, the music rocks.

So I'm thinking the song I like might be a good mantra to use over the Queensboro Bridge at the Marathon. I mean hey, at that point, my world really is a very narrow bridge, and the main thing is to have no fear!


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